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Kaleidoscope Plus (K+) strengthens children’s skills in reading, language arts, math, and logical thinking; improves retention; and advances social skills through dynamic activities in theatre, dramatic play, and the visual arts, with creative and engaging exposure to music. K+:

  • Is led by teachers who are credentialed professionals;
  • Provides children with a healthy snack and homework support;
  • Offers curriculum based on award-winning Kaleidoscope Program;
  • Promotes daily outdoor time at Weccacoe Playground, weather permitting; and is
  • Held in a secure, Pennsylvania-licensed facility.

Specifically designed to reinforce school day curriculum using Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards to guide the creation of activities, K+ serves as a vital extension of Settlement’s award-winning Kaleidoscope Pre-K program. Kaleidoscope children have proven to be better prepared for Kindergarten, scoring three times higher in vocabulary, retention, and self regulation. Watch the video to see Kaleidoscope in action!