110th Anniversary Gala Honorees

Settlement Music School is honored to celebrate three alumni, from three generations, who have made their mark in philanthropy, music, and education.
They have each “played it forward” to make their communities great.


Leonard Mellman - 1930's

Real Estate Developer

Settlement Music School was a family affair for the Mellmans of Feltonville. Leonard’s mother and siblings studied piano and voice, and Leonard adored his Friday evening theater classes. It was “a wonderful, wonderful time,” where he met fellow actors, musicians, writers, and poets. After service in Europe and Asia during World War II, Leonard earned a degree from Temple University. At age 32, Leonard purchased three properties in Fitler Square, launching a successful career in real estate and community development. Leonard has been a member of Settement’s Central Board of Trustees since 1976.


Kevin Eubanks - 1960's

Internationally Acclaimed Guitarist

Kevin studied violin and trumpet along with his brothers Robin and Duane at Settlement's Germantown Branch. His mother, Vera, taught music for 35 years and has served on the Settlement Board. At the age of 25, Kevin released the first of 23 solo records. For 15 years he was broadcast into millions of homes in the U.S. and abroad every weeknight as Music Director for NBC TV's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He is currently on tour with his most recent recording East West Time Line. Kevin received an Honorary Doctorate from the Berklee College of Music and the University of Redlands in California, and he remains an active educator and advocate for music education in schools.

Harriet Go_Head Shot-2.jpg

Harriet Go - 1990's

Special Education Teacher

Born in the Philippines with congenital glaucoma, Harriet’s family emigrated to the United States for medical treatment at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.
Harriet’s 7th grade music teacher recognized her gift as a pianist and encouraged her and her siblings to enroll at Settlement, an experience that she calls a “privilege.” Now as a blind adult, she is a special education teacher at Richmond Elementary School in Port Richmond, and on her own time she is learning the violin. Harriet’s dedication to education stems from the many influential teachers and role models throughout her own school years, including her teachers at Settlement.