Network for New Music Concert

  • Mary Louise Curtis Branch 416 Queen Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

All the Things He Was: Celebration of the Life and Ideas of Milton Babbitt

Milton Babbitt, pioneer of serial and electronic music, is considered one of the most influential – and controversial – composers in the second half of the twentieth century. Babbitt was vitally interested in both jazz and popular music; he composed a snappy jazz ensemble work,  All Set, and a 1946 Broadway musical entitled The Fabulous Voyage.  

Network events explore some of the many facets of Babbitt’s compositional genius, and feature music by students by Broadway genius Stephen Sondheim; Koussevitzky Prize-winner David Rakowski; and Laura Karpman, four-time Emmy Award-winning composer.

 Milton BABBITT: Philomel
     Ah Yong Hong, guest soprano
Milton BABBITT: All Set
David RAKOWSKI: Natura Morta, piano quartet  (NNM Commission) 
Laura KARPMAN: Now All Set
Jerome KERN: All the Things You Are
Stephen SONDHEIM: Selections from Sweeney Todd
Milton BABBITT: Penelope's Night Song (from "The Fabulous Voyage”)

April 17
Student Recital
April 17
Performance Hour