Thanks to everyone who has donated to our instrument fundraising drive so far!

Lena has played trumpet in the Pathways program for the past three years. Naturally shy, she was always more comfortable in the back of the classroom, but in 2015, she stepped into the spotlight. She performed a duet with her teacher in front of a 340-person audience at the year-end concert! She continues to thrive today.

Jaiden (above)  serves as concertmaster at one of our Music Education Pathways schools, Thomas Holme Elementary in Northeast Philadelphia. Now 11 years old, she is about to start her third year of the program, using the leadership skills she has learned through studying violin in our program.

Her leadership abilities are sure to help her excel in both music and academics. Thanks to being introduced to the violin through the Pathways program, she will now study privately and play in one of Settlement’s orchestras. We can’t wait to have her. 

Percussionists Trae, Laila, and Clinton in action during the 2016 Pathways to Performance concert!

Trae, a current 12-year-old student, says, “I like playing my instrument because I have loved the drums since I was little. I wanted to play them, but I was scared. I came to the program because I had a chance to play, and I took a risk.”

Help us raise $15,000 by October 31!

This fall, our Music Educations Pathways program is expanding! 

The program provides after school music instruction at four schools in Philadelphia’s most underserved neighborhoods.

To cover the cost of new instruments for 30 students, we must raise $15,000 by October 31st. Please consider making a gift today to help us provide violins, cellos, and other instruments for the students to use throughout the year. Thank you! 

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