Kardon Center for Arts Therapy

3745 Clarenden Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19114


The Kardon Center for Arts Therapy at Settlement Music School began operations on July 1, 2014, offering music, art, and dance/movement therapy services to individuals with various special needs at Settlement Music School branches and at other locations in our community.   The programs and seventeen therapists have transitioned from the Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy which officially ceased operations on June 30, 2014.  Through the Kardon Center, Settlement will provide creative arts therapy programs at each of its six branch locations, with program oversight based out of the Kardon-Northeast Branch, next door to the previous home of the Kardon Institute.

Integral to Settlement’s history, the Kardon Institute was founded in 1976 out of a partnership between Settlement Music School and the Moss Rehabilitation Hospital and then formed its own independent 501(c)3 in 1985.  Visionary philanthropist Emanuel “Manny” Kardon made generous gifts to name both the Kardon Institute and Settlement’s Kardon-Northeast Branch.  

For more than 100 years, Settlement has embodied its mission to provide lessons in music and the related arts without regard to ability or financial means.  At the core of all of Settlement’s work is the belief that music has an unmatched power to bring people together and to change lives.  This belief is now exemplified by Settlement’s decision to ensure that the legacy of the Kardon Institute will continue. Following the decision by the Institute’s Board of Trustees to dissolve the independent organization, Settlement’s Board and staff leadership stepped in to ensure the continuity and unparalleled service of the great programs established by the Institute.

Program Director Mark Bottos, who was with the Kardon Institute for 25 years, continues to lead the program at Settlement.

About Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy is a form of non-verbal psychotherapy using the senses to open new channels of communication between a client and their therapists, families, and communities.  

Creative arts therapists use the arts in order to achieve non-arts-related goals. Our therapists, each of whom is credentialed through recognized professional associations, hold either bachelor’s or master’s degrees in their disciplines and have been trained in counseling, psychology and human behavior studies.

Participants can explore and express personal thoughts, feelings, and interests through music, art, and movement. These sessions lead to improved self-esteem, personal insight, coping, and relaxation skills.

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  Click image above to email Mark Bottos.

Click image above to email Mark Bottos.