Settlement Takes Over Chris' Jazz Cafe

I'm an unabashed jazz enthusiastic. I find the unplanned melodies and unexpected harmonies mesmerizing. The holistic construction of jazz music is undeniably the product of individual and collective brilliance. It's electric, unconventional, and entirely creative. So, yes, I am an unabashed jazz enthusiast. So much so, that I'm currently receiving private lessons for vocal jazz. I'm slowly, but surely, overcoming my irrational fear of scatting.

Settlement Music School recently hosted an evening of jazz at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia. For a jazz fan like me, the night was, in a word, magical. Adorning the stage were jazz musicians of all ages, from unreasonably young to reasonably older. All musicians were clearly skilled in their own right and each, no matter how expert, was somehow connected to Settlement. As an audience member, I could feel the performers feeling the music and delivering the message that jazz ultimately communicates: at the core of music is pain, joy, feelings, expression at-large, and a shedding of inhibitions. Chris' atmosphere served as the scarily appropriate backdrop for these jazz values. The food and music joint embodies warmness and intimacy--the same kind of vibrations that the musicians themselves exuded.

The music ranged from slow and soothing to exciting and electric. This diversity of sound proved to exceed my jazz enthusiast expectations. I walked out of the venue musically satisfied and with plans to make another trip down to Chris'. 

All in all, a successful evening of jazz at Chris'.