Community at the Core: Kris Rudzinski

"Settlement is a place of growth. A place where strangers become friends. A place to learn and have new experiences. A great place for community building and making real connections." - Kris Rudzinski, MLC Branch Director

The above quote came from the mouth of Kris Rudzinski, the MLC Branch Director at Settlement Music School. The few lines were spoken in response to the question, "Why should people come to Settlement?" After sitting down with Mr. Rudzinski and talking about everything from his hometown to Settlement's summer programming plans, I detected an incredibly authentic aura to his presence. Undoubtedly, Kris Rudzinski is a genuine believer in Settlement's approach to arts education. He emphasized the communal component of Settlement as existing at the core of the values of the school. The institution has in no way strayed from its original title as a "Community Music School." 

One thing is for sure: with his powerful convictions in the power of community, Kris Rudzinski is a true guiding force in Settlement's success.

Best Regards,