Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Settlement Intern

Everyday is different, but here's my best recount of a standard day!

8:25am - leave home to catch the bus to 5th Street & South Street

9:00am - arrive at Settlement's MLC Branch and head to the administrative offices.

9:03am - turn on computer in my personal cubicle, fill up water bottle

9:05am - check email & answer any new messages

9:15am - check Settlement Instagram account, find a suitable picture for the day, edit and post

9:30am - eat a granola bar to stop growling stomach

9:35am - get out a piece of paper and write down tasks/goals for the day

10:00am - check in with my two bosses, Adam Johnston and Chris Spangler

10:30am - brainstorm ideas and start writing a blog post

11:00am - post new blog writing

11:02am - work on current project (Communications or Community Engagement related)

11:30am - take a phone call to interview someone in the Settlement community

12:00pm - eat lunch (brought to work)!

1:00pm - attend a meeting with Adam or Chris

2:00pm - work on project more (Communications or Community Engagement related)

4:00pm - visit another Settlement branch location/go to a Settlement event and take videos/pictures

5:30pm/6:00pm - go home!

I really love it here at Settlement! I feel like I'm doing worthwhile things. It's the kind of job where you know that everything you do has a purpose and is ultimately for a good cause.