Farewell, Settlement!

Dear Settlement Community,

It has been an absolute pleasure seeing you around the six branches and writing to you throughout my time here. In honor of my last days, I thought it necessary to tell you what I've learned about Settlement during my days at this special place.

I've seen the following things to be true at Settlement:

It's a real community. The members of Settlement, faculty and students and parents alike, are a part of this lovely group of people of music-appreciators in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The community aspect stems from the collaborative spaces and the fantastic history of Settlement.

It's inclusive. Seriously anyone can participate in what Settlement has to offer. There is virtually no barrier to entry. Furthermore, the staff here wants any person who is interested in music, regardless of age, race, or financial ability, to come here and grow.

It's a home to many. In the multiplicity of interviews I've conducted over the course of my internship, the word "home" has come up frequently when describing Settlement. The faculty staff and administrators work to make each student feel welcome and comfortable from the moment the student walks through the door.

It cares about things outside of itself. Settlement is an entity that can pride itself on giving back. Settlement creates incredible programming that reaches out to the Philadelphia community (and beyond) and truly tries to help people through music.

It forges lasting bonds. You always know that you can come back to arms wide open. Once a Settlementer, always a Settlementer.

Settlement Music School is a really fantastic place where I've been able to grow and learn and thrive. It has been such an honor to work here!!! I'll probably drop back in to see a concert or two. Thanks for a great summer, Settlement!

Signing off for good...

All my best,