Meet Whitney Womack

Recent Settlement alumna and violin extraordinaire, Whitney Womack is 18 years old and she is currently in the process of embarking on a new leg of her life having just graduated from Morristown Friends School this past June and enrolling in Nova Southeastern University for the fall. She is a standout adolescent, possessing a wide array of interests and aspirations. This girl does it all; she dances, she sings, she plays violin, she draws, she photographs, she teaches children, and she even face paints at events occasionally. Oh, and she plans on studying Criminal Justice at her Fort Lauderdale-based college with hopes of becoming a medical examiner. Quite honestly, I’m thoroughly impressed. Whitney’s arsenal of talents and interests speaks to her exemplary motivation, discipline, and commitment. She’s a real star.

Settlement had the opportunity to sit down with Whitney and ask her a few questions about herself, her Settlement experience, and her love of music. Here are the details:

SETTLEMENT: Tell me a little bit about your journey with the violin.

WHITNEY: I’ve been playing violin for 12 years at Settlement. I was a part of the orchestra at Settlement on Queen Street and I was in the upper school ensemble at my high school and middle school. It all started as a part of summer camp. I was asked what instrument I wanted to play and my mom wanted me to play piano, but I just blurted out “the violin!” I was about 6 years old back then. Settlement has helped me grow in playing violin. I’ve had two teachers total at Settlement and they really cared about my success! 

SETTLEMENT: How do you think that music has helped you?

WW: Playing the violin has helped me with math and science because of the critical thinking aspect. It helped me academically to solve problems. It’s also a great conversation piece with other people to say I play the violin. A lot of people are interested in the instrument and it’s rare that they meet a violinist. 

SETTLEMENT: Why do you think kids should play music?

WW: Music is a really good outlet from everyday life. It’s a great stress reliever, especially for me when I was in high school. You can also play music with your friends who also play! It opens up a lot of opportunities for you. 

SETTLEMENT: Why did you like going to Settlement and the Camden branch?

WW: I like the welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly! There were no bad vibes. I also made a lot of friends from the Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy when Settlement moved to that location. 

SETTLEMENT: Do you plan on continuing to play music in college?

WW: Yes, if not professionally, then on the side.