Attendance is important for students at Settlement Music School.  Please notify the school in advance when a student will not be able to attend their lesson.  All lessons must be paid for, including those that are missed.  Make-up lessons are authorized by the Branch Director or Branch Coordinator in the following instances:

  • Student illness
  • Required school or religious activity with advance notification
  • Death in the family

Make-up lessons must be requested in writing within two weeks of the missed lesson. The teacher is obligated to offer two opportunities for each make-up; if the student refuses both, the make-up is forfeited. No make-up lessons will be authorized during the credit lesson period (the last three lessons of the season). Make-up lessons are limited to three per student. Group lessons missed by individual students are not eligible for make-up lessons.

In the event of teacher absence or emergency school closing, every effort will be made to notify you in advance. Such lessons may be rescheduled, with the fee to be paid at that time.

In the event of an extended absence (more than two weeks) due to illness or other reason, students may request a temporary cancellation from the Branch Coordinator and will not be charged for subsequent lessons. Students on temporary cancellation are not guaranteed their previously scheduled lesson time, day or teacher on their return.

Registration fees, credit lessons and pre-paid group class fees are not refundable. All other requests for refunds and cancellations are made to the Branch Coordinator in writing.

To ensure continuity of instruction, Settlement will close only when there is a true emergency. Do not assume we are closed if your child's academic school is closed. Closing announcements are posted on the main page of and and on the school's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Individual Instruction for the 2015-16 school year begins September 8, 2015 and continues through June 18, 2016.
Group Classes and Ensembles begin September 21, 2015 and continue through May 21, 2016.

A full listing of school holidays and other closing dates can be found on our online calendar.

More detailed policies can be found in the current catalog.