String Orchestra Program

Arranged by age and level.

String ensembles focus on technique, musicianship, and mastery of ensemble repertoire. This program offers excellent preparation for the Advanced Study Program. 

Financial Aid Available

Junior String Orchestra

Ages 8-13; One hour weekly rehearsal.

Tuition: $310

Rehearsal Schedules

Intermediate String Orchestra

Ages 10-16


  • $340 for one hour weekly rehearsal
  • $390 for one-and-a-half-hour weekly rehearsal

Rehearsal Schedules


Selections from the 2015 Winter Orchestra Festival


Ages 12-18

This scholarship program includes two-and-a-half hour weekly rehearsals for qualified string players selected by audition each year. This group performs string orchestra masterworks from all periods. Frequent concert performances.

For more information, contact Mary Louise Curtis Branch Director Kris Rudzinski via email or call 215.320.2602.

Rehearsal Schedule