Sounds of Young Philadelphia


Sounds of Young Philadelphia is a flagship program for Settlement and for the Philadelphia area, creating opportunities for children to expand their horizons as they share with their peers the fun and excitement experienced by being part of a group of musicians. Students participate in wind, jazz, choral, and string ensembles, creating more avenues to fully explore the pathways that music can open to them.

Available by audition, SYP offers additional tuition subsidies for both individual instruction and ensemble participation and furthers students' engagement in the arts, by providing instrument loan programs, field trips, master classes, and other opportunities.

Sounds of Young Philadelphia needs your help today!

Gifts of any amount are appreciated and will be a meaningful step toward sustaining the Sounds of Young Philadelphia program.

Gifts of $1,000 or more will provide the support needed for one child to receive a full year’s scholarship stipend for individual study and ensemble participation. Gifts at this level also qualify a donor to become a member of Settlement Music School’s Founders Society.

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