SYP Workshop Series

Settlement is proud to present these workshops to our Sounds of Young Philadelphia students during the 2016-17 season. We ask that students and their families sign up for at least one workshop at their earliest convenience. You may of course sign up for more than one, or all of them!

Please note the locations for each of the workshops. Additionally, both the January and February workshops are split between age groups. Thus, your time will be slightly different depending on your age. If you have any questions about the workshops, please email or call (215.320.2642) Karin Orenstein.


Click the image above to visit the websites of the artists leading the SYP workshops

Workshop Details & Registration Form

This workshop has been completed.

Felipe Salles is a bandleader and educator. Members of the Felipe Salles Group will present Ugandan and Brazilian rhythmic ideas in an interactive workshop. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the music-making
Connecting Spoken Word and Music
This workshop has been completed.

Spoken word poet Jacob Winterstein will demo his spoken word/performance poetry. He will then lead the students as they try to create their own.
Building the Bridge Between Classical and Pop Music
This workshop has been completed.

Composer Stephen Feigenbaum will present on “Yethoven,” a piece he composed for orchestra that combined elements of works of both Ludwig von Beethoven and Kanye West. Stephen will take students through his approach to bridging classical and pop music.
Introduction to Conducting
THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Assistant Conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra Kensho Watanabe will share his story, from his years as a violin student, his pre-med years at Yale, and the years he spent at Curtis as a conducting student. Then he will introduce the basic elements of conducting in an interactive lesson.
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